Saturday, July 29, 2006

omg! i spent 90bucks on babypeanut this week! =/

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

hehee, yup! knew him when i was 14.
LOLOLOLS! joking luhh

i miss him so much,
he's away for field camp
and it's an effing 7-day field camp can!
and i haven't talk to him for..
5 DAYS! *gasps!*
oh boy, i really miss him so so so much

thankfully there's babypeanut to keep my mind off things
he's been naughty lately,
peepee-ing all over the bedding!
and ended up with this horrible peepee stain
on the fur of his butt area.
babypeanut LOVES watermelon!
so much as i love to watch him munch on it
munch munch munch, then the watermelon juice
will start to dribble out of his tiny mouth.
uber cute!

okay, lots of picture of babypeanut!

"aai, when is baba coming home?"

"iyoh! so bored! momo's in school, nobody play with me leh! BO PIAN! eat hay lor! *munch munch munch!*


"toothtoy, momo bought it at a french kid's toyshop. So cute right? the top [the red part] can be pulled off and it's to put kiddy's milktooth when they drop off. then somehow they describe it as - special, attract tooth fairy. hehee, i love biting it"

"1st floor time, ahlarmak, momo why you bring me out? i very sleepy leh!"

"momo! play toy toy with me! MMMMEEEEEEEE!"


i wanna do with darling list:

  • bring babypeanut for grooming @ Cuddle's tale.
  • get playpen for babypeanut! (so momo can study/do her own things while i run around inthe playpen!)
  • go spotlight buy materials to make cushions for babypeanut.
  • buy cat litter for babypeanut.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

//reply tag, to Hi : ehh. how you met leon de arh?
and yesyes, i'm 16(:

hehe, how did we meet arh.
okay this is gonna be long long long.

2 years ago, around this time.
leon msg-ed me on friendster,
asking me if i care to make friends blah blah.
you know, the norms.
i didn't reply the 1st time round
cos he not only did not catch my eye,
i even thought he was malay when i saw his photo.
LOLOLOLS. i know that's soooooo silly of me
to mistake him for a malay guy
then he sent me another msg, the same msg i think.
and thankgod, i replied.

and eventually we chatted on msn.
the 1st time i was chatting with him on msn
i was like laughing and laughing cos he felt he was so dumb
he was saying stuff like..

"hey gal, in the future if you have any problem you need someone older,
and wiser to listen to your problem and help you, you can look for ME!"

and i vulgarly remembered i was SOOOOOO disgusted by him
hahahahas, and i didnt even wanna reply him.
BUT then, the next time he chatted up with me on msn
he was on webcam, and i remember myself cooing all over his dogs
and, HIM. of cos hehehe *blush*
then then then we proceeded to talking on the phone,
THEN! we finally FINALLY MET-UP!
the next day we met up he actually asked me to be his gf
and SOOOO, i agreed.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

hehe this one taken on the second day our little peanut was here,
it was suppose to be full of hay but he ate ate ate and eventually, ate his way in. =x
sillybaby hehe he's still kinda shy around me, scampering away as soon as my fingers are near him hehe but he's SOOOOO ADORABLE!

then we went to eat at this japanese mini fishmart place at parkway parade, the sashimi is not bad YUMMY!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Thursday, July 06, 2006

everything that happened this week is sooooooo,
how can i describe it?
FCUKED-UP. even on my fcuking birthday,
my only special day once a year.

i'll update soon guys,
life's a little overwhelming lately.